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Big payouts to planning consultant draw scrutiny​ 

"Mike Porto was busy on July 17, 2013 -- so much so that he claimed in an invoice to the city that he worked 26.5 hours that day."

Did You Know???

If the November State School Bond passes, then SB50 continues and Level 2 developer fees (which are intended to pay for 50% of the cost to house new students) remain in effect and our taxes will go up to pay for the states 50% share of the cost to house new students.

However, if the November bond does NOT pass, then the state will not be able to pay its 50% share, and according to SB50, Level 3 fees, which call for developers to pay 100% of the cost to house new students, may come into effect.

Thus, a vote for the November state bond is a vote to continue subsidizing developers.

A vote against the November state bond would (in theory at least) put the full financial responsibility for the cost of housing new students ,coming from newly constructed homes, solely on the developer.

DUSD sets Level 2 Developer Fees - Not the State.

DUSD continues to say they are charging the maximum amount allowable to developers, but what they fail to say is that they set the fee!

April 10th 2016