DFC recently co-sponsored a candidate forum for those running for Mayor and City Council, the “Tri Valley @ A Crossroads” Candidate Forum, which was very well attended by those throughout the Tri-Valley area.  This forum offered a wealth of information regarding the candidates platforms and visions for our city and gave Dubliners a chance to engage directly with those hoping to land a spot in the Mayor’s Seat or on the City Council.

With the November 2018 election season upon us, Dublin is fortunate enough to have eleven residents who have stepped forward to run for Mayor, City Council and School Board. We recognize that this is a sizable commitment of their personal time and resources, and we thank them for their interest in serving our city.


 Considering all of the above, the depth of the candidate's relevant experience, and past voting records, we have chosen to endorse the following candidates for the November 2018 Election:

JING FIRMEZA   for City Council

DAN CHERRIER  for DUSD Board Trustee Area 5

ARUN GOEL  for Mayor

When evaluating the qualifications of the candidates, we considered, amongst other things, VUCA (Vision, Understanding, Courage, and Adaptability) 2.0, a managerial strategy being used throughout the world that identifies key traits that are imperative for a successful leader in today’s world. What stood out for us was the assertion that failure in and of itself, is not a catastrophe, but failure to learn from failure most definitely is.

As our name implies,

Dubliners for Change isabout change, not the status quo. We need VUCA 2.0 Leaders. Leaders that have a clear Vision for Dublin; Leaders that have an Understanding of our city and are willing to listen to it’s residents; Leaders that have the Courage to step up to the challenges and make bold decisions; and Leaders that have the Adaptability to be flexible in a rapidly changing environment.

November 2018


BOBBY KHULLAR for City Council

Dublin is a great place to live. The city has benefitted, and continues to benefit, from the regional economy and residents that are invested in Dublin’s long term success. However, success does not come without challenges. It has become apparent that some current elected officials have been unable to holistically manage the challenges our city faces, contributing to what we are seeing today - traffic congestion, overcrowded schools, increased crime, a loss of invaluable park land, and the lack of a well-defined downtown. Dublin cannot continue on this path. A failure to learn from failure has led us to where we are and will continue to negatively affect our city if we don’t effect change NOW.

​​​​​​​​​Dubliners for Change is a diverse group of resident volunteers working together to ensure that our city is governed in an ethical, constituent-driven manner. We are dedicated to the preservation of open space and the environment, quality education free from school overcrowding, sufficient infrastructure to support our city, and the development of a premier pedestrian friendly downtown.

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