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He's a Seasoned Dubliner

Jing has lived in Dublin for the past 30 years and has witnessed, firsthand, Dublin's transformation from a city of 20,000 people to well over 60,000 today. He has seen what has worked and what hasn't worked. We need someone with Jing's life experience and understanding of Dublin's History to lead us going forward.

Why We Support Jing Firmeza for Dublin City Council

He Can "Crunch" The Numbers

Jing predicted the looming city budget deficit years before it was brought up in a city council meeting. With his background in finance, he is able to identify trends and offer solutions to offset negative outcomes.

He's Passionate

Jing was born in the Phillipines and grew up during the very volatile Marcos regime. He fought against the corruption and fought for human rights, at times even risking his life. He is passionate in his beliefs and will stand through the toughest of times to support them.

He Cares About Our Seniors

Jing has shown time and time again that he has his pulse on the needs of our senior community. He truly believes they are the backbone of the community and deserve to be treated as such.

He's Takes Action

Jing does not hesitate to get involved with important issues affecting our city. Whether that's meeting with city officials, speaking out at council meetings, or leading a public demonstration, you can count on Jing to lead the way.

On A Personal Note:

We've know Jing for many years, spending numerous late nights in DFC meetings together - reviewing current projects, developing action plans, talking about the future of Dublin. The love that he has for the community shines bright, well into those late night meetings...

Jing for City Council 2018!