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1. The option (to lease the park land) period of one year for DUSD to decide is too short and must be extended to 10 years period to give flexibility to DUSD to decide on when to build.

2. School Board is yet to decide on whether to put bond in the June ballot. The money needed to build Jordan Ranch school is not available right now.

3. Because of inter-dependence, GLA should not be signed until SFNA (School Facility Needs Analysis) is completed by DUSD. 

4. GLA mandates that a K-8 grade level school needs to be built on the leased park land. The GLA must not dictate which grade levels are built in the property. It should be sole discretion of DUSD based on what state law allows. GLA must not require further future approval from the city.

5. As per DUSD’s analysis, the district will have enough K-5 capacity until year 2022, so its financially not a good idea to build this as K-8 which includes $5-10M in extra money to build the school.

6. The recent decision to build second comprehensive High School is not factored into overall planning & financial commitments by the school board. This needs few more weeks at least to analyze and decide.

7. DUSD has major leadership change coming (with new Superintendent coming in June) and also in the middle of major analysis of priorities for the community. It’s not the right time to execute the GLA.

To the community - why it’s better to build second comprehensive HS now (or never):

1. As per DUSD, phase-1 of new Comprehensive High School (CHS2) won’t be built at least until 2021; it will most likely take much longer due to DUSD now claiming 30% increase of costs for Jordan Ranch while redirecting Measure E funds. Remember, the 70 million dollar Jordan Ranch school is planned for students who haven’t yet moved to our district. Let us plan for our current students first. Fallon cap of 1500 will be redirecting new middle schoolers to Wells next year so any claim that expediting JR school prevents boundary change is false.

2. If CHS2 is not prioritized now, there will be no money left for it.

3. There will be an additional 1200 students in High school by year 2021 (4000 students), and DHS will need to be expanded to host 3700 students with temporary structures. This will add significantly more pressure on facility, commute, quality of life, lack of opportunity in sports/arts teams, etc. At that time, School board could say that it is logical to keep expanding DHS because money is not available.

4. We should rather accelerate CHS2 to get it by year 2019 (one year additional time compared with potential completion date of Jordan Ranch school), but it’s sure to get us a high school. CHS2 can accommodate high and middle school students for 3-4 years until Jordan Ranch school is built.

5. Allow a Magnate program in Wells such as language or technology, and interim solutions like converting a few elementary schools to K-6 to manage the gap of next 2-3 years. This arrangement can be used to bridge the time gap to get the CHS2 in time. This solves the need for both middle and high school effectively instead of solving only middle school issue.

​Jordan Ranch Ground Lease Agreement