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Level 2 Developer Fees Are Set By DUSD, Not The State

"I think many misunderstand and feel that Level 2 fees are in fact set by the state."

DUSD states they are "charging the most allowed by law, Level 2 fees". However, who sets that fee and why was it set so low? Dublin Unified School District sets that fee. The average person may not know that and only see what they are shown, which is a half-truth.

*Each individual school district determines its own Level 2 fee that it will charge developers based on the number of students generated by new homes in the district and the actual construction cost to house those students.

*Level 2 fees are used to offset 50% of the cost to house each new student in a school district that is generated by new homes and is paid by the developers of the new homes.

*The state of California is expected under SB50 to pay the other 50% of the cost to house new students generated by new homes.

*Note that if the Level 2 fee is inaccurately calculated (either by underestimating the number of students generated by new homes, or by underestimating the actual cost to build additional school space, or both) then a school district will find itself having to raise funds by issuing a bond, as the Dublin Unified School District is now doing to cover the shortfall

*Over the next 10 years, the DUSD projects to collect a total of $23.24 million in Level 2 fees from developers (the DUSD also expects to collect an additional $10.33 million in non-Level 2 developer fees over the next 10 years for a total of $33.57 million:  Please see http://www.lpamasterplans.com/content/downloads/1/Presentation%20FMPC%2007.pdf slide 28)

*At the same time, the DUSD would like the current residents of Dublin to approve a bond which, according to Ballotpedia, will cost a total of  $552,734,750.00 when interest is factored in. Please see: https://ballotpedia.org/Dublin_Unified_School_District,_California,_Bond_Issue,_Measure_H_%28June_2016%29)

*In plain numbers, the DUSD is asking the current residents of Dublin to pay approximately 1,650 percent more than the developers to help house the students that the developers homes will generate.

*Interestingly, nowhere is there a state requirement that mandates existing residents to fund and build additional school capacity to house students from new homes, or expected new homes, in the form of an additional tax (bond).

Perhaps it is time to have the school board and Dr. Hanke explain why the residents of Dublin need to fund school construction exponentially more than the developers, who by law, are required to fund schools for the kids that their homes generate.

-Submitted by a former FMPC (Facilities Master Plan Committee) Member.