​​​​​​​​​Dubliners for Change is a diverse group of resident volunteers working together to ensure that our city is governed in an ethical, constituent-driven manner. We are dedicated to the preservation of open space and the environment, quality education free from school overcrowding, sufficient infrastructure to support our city, and the development of a premier pedestrian friendly downtown.


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To accomplish the goal of slowing residential growth in Dublin, we need to be active on three fronts: POLITICS, POLICY, and PROJECTS. 

POLITICS -- ensuring that the City Council has a reliable slow-growth majority in 2016 by identifying strong candidates to run for the open council and school board seats and campaigning to make sure they’re elected.
POLICY  deciding on policies that should be enacted to slow residential growth. Examples include a moratorium on residential approvals, a limit on the number of building permits that can be issued per year, voter approval before parcels can be rezoned from non-residential to residential designations, down-zoning vacant parcels to lower-density designations. These can be enacted by City Council action or by initiative, like we undertook with the “Save Doolan Canyon/No on Measure T” campaign with 85% voter approval.
PROJECTS – becoming active when significant projects come before the City Council or the Planning Commission. We’ve been successful in preventing the DiManto, The Promenade, and The Green projects from having significant numbers of new residential units added to them. 
Note: these are citywide objectives. Significantly more residential growth is planned for both East and West Dublin, and it will impact schools, traffic, and quality of life throughout the city.

Our Position on Slowing Residential Growth