​​​​​​​​​Dubliners for Change is a diverse group of resident volunteers working together to ensure that our city is governed in an ethical, constituent-driven manner. We are dedicated to the preservation of open space and the environment, quality education free from school overcrowding, sufficient infrastructure to support our city, and the development of a premier pedestrian friendly downtown.


Upcoming Meetings

On Tuesday, December 5th a newly formed PAC began the processes to recall Dan Cunningham from Dublin Unified Board of Trustees and Abe Gupta from Dublin City Council. This is the first step in a process, that if successful would help address chronic school overcrowding and the overbuilding of high-density housing in Dublin. Notices have been vetted by the Alameda County Election office and the signature gathering process has begun. An estimated 5,800 signatures will be needed to get this recall on the June or November 2018 ballots.

DUSD School Board Trustee

Dan Cunningham was served with a recall notice by Bobby Khullar, who addressed the following:

Mr. Cunningham has demonstrated bad behavior, conflicts with teachers, residents, refusing to listen to DUSD constituents, and violating open meeting laws. Trustee Cunningham lacks decorum and has verbally abused concerned speakers during board meetings.

Dublin Councilmember

Abe Gupta was served with a recall notice which addressed the following:

Councilman Abe Gupta has failed to uphold campaign promises for which he was elected in 2014. Originally he opposed rezoning commercial property to residential stating that he wanted to stop “focusing on building houses and instead build a vibrant commercial community” and that it is “important that Dublin retain its small-town charm”. Gupta stated he didn’t support vesting of non-vested properties during his campaign, and yet has since voted in favor of numerous large-scale/ high- density projects.

Additional Recalls
Possible additional recall of City Council members due to their continued votes to vest more housing units and rezone parcels from commercial to housing.

Possible additional recall of School Board Trustees for their lack of transparent prioritization of Measure H funds and continuing to increase

capacity on impacted Dublin schools.

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​​Newly Established Dublin PAC Initiates The Recall Process For City Councilmember and School Board Trustee