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     Dubliners will lose two of our oldest and most cherished Heritage Trees if Sutter Retail obtains approval for their recent proposal to build a Drive Thru Coffee Shop (originally named as Starbucks) in Downtown Dublin.  Sutter's application, which is currently under review, includes a request for a Heritage Tree Permit  to remove both trees to make way for the future development of a Drive Thru Coffee Shop at the corner of Dublin Blvd. and San Ramon Road.
     Starbucks is known for being a socially responsible corporation and we trust they will support our Community's desire to preserve the trees, which have become a symbol of our City's own history and heritage. 

     The trees contribute to the quality of our lives, and if preserved, will contribute to the enjoyment and enrichment of the lives of future generations. We must save these remarkable trees. In l999 the council sought to protect them with the passage of the Heritage Tree Ordinance. We must ensure they remain protected. 

     There are viable alternatives to the current proposal including the expansion of a Community Courtyard Cafe that could incorporate our Heritage Trees into the landscape. Perhaps a 2nd story wine bar. Preserving our Community's Heritage Oaks will secure Dublin's vision for a pedestrian friendly downtown and at the same time preserve Starbucks' own heritage " to share great coffee with our friends and help make the world a little better."

PROJECT LOCATION: 7080 San Ramon Road (vacant field) 
PROJECT APPLICANT: Sutter Retail Development Corporation, Yuba City, CA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Sutter Retail has submitted an application to the City for the construction of a 2,600 sq. foot Starbucks drive-thru and 5,400 sq. feet of retail shopping. Their application includes a Site Development Review Permit, a Conditional Permit for a drive-thru and Heritage Tree Permit to remove the two remaining oak trees on the one acre parcel.

Project Details:


E-mail City Council Membersand Planning Commissioners that our Heritage Oak trees MUST be preserved and ask they oppose any more drive-thrus that diminish our vision for a pedestrian friendly downtown. Ask they REJECT Sutter Retail Project as currently proposed.

E-mail Dublin City Council at council@dublin.ca.gov or call 925-833-6650 and Planning Commissioners at PlanningCommission@ci.dublin.ca.us or 925-833-6610 

Donate to Dubliners For Change to help fund the campaign to save our Heritage Trees!

Tell your friends and neighbors!

Let Starbucks know that Dublin will preserve our Heritage Trees!

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Dublin's Heritage Oak Trees Could Be Destroyed To Make Room For A Drive Thru Coffee Shop.