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DUSD has failed to collect millions of dollars in developer fees.

People need to understand that we grossly under collected fees in the past.  

​We know that the board discussed what "full mitigation" of a school meant. [Meagan] Rouse said that based on comparable cost of buildings already completed, she computed a need of $80,000 to $115,000 per student to build the facilities.”
Source:  http://www.independentnews.com/news/dublin-school-board-explores-future-role-in-development/article_050cb970-7829-11e5-a1c4-1f05a914a5be.html#.VipaAA78hW8

So the actual cost of those 645 new students is $51.6 million to $74.2 million.  Given that developers should pay 50% of the cost to house students, the figure that should have been collected from developer fees for the last year is between $25.8 to $37.1 million.

However, the district only collected some “$3.5 million in developer fees on average” [from the FMPC Presentation] that comes to $5,426 per student generated on average based on the 645 new students generated this year.  Simple math then shows that the school district failed to collect between $22.3 and $33.6 million last year alone.

True, not all of the new students came from new construction.  Perhaps someone at the district can map out exactly where these new students came from, but it is interesting to note that if we look at schools in the West (Dublin ES, Frederiksen ES, Murray ES and Wells MS) they added a total of 26 additional students year over year [once again based on the numbers on the SCI Consulting figures noted above].

Dublin High is seeing 231 new students this year, and it is not as clear where they are coming from, so to be fair, let's take them out for the moment.

The rest, or 388 students, are now in school in the East (Dougherty ES, Green ES, Amador ES, Kolb ES and Fallon MS.)

Even if we take half of those students (194) and say they were from new construction and the other half are new students from homes that have turned over, the total impact of those kids from new construction would have been between $15.5 and $22.3 million.  Half of that (or the developer Level 2 Fees) should have been between $7.75 and $11.25 million.

So if we are to assume that half of the new students in the East (194) came from newly constructed homes, we find that the school district still under collected some $4.25 to $7.75 million.

The only time that the $3.5 million that was actually collected looks correct is if we assume that only some 61 to 88 students came from new construction which would mean that the other 550+ students came from existing homes which turned over.

The question is, is that realistic?  Perhaps, but once again the school district should already know the answer to that question, unless they have not looked because they may not want to know the answer, in my opinion.

Bottom line though, is that the DUSD failed to collect between $4.25 and $37.1 million in the last year alone, and they will soon be asking the residents of Dublin for the passage of a new bond to help fill that shortfall.